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Uplay Canada


Uplay is an acronym for united public leadership academy for youth. Founded in August 2007 for the purpose of providing a positive progressive platform for selected youth. The overarching goal of the program is to develop lifelong leaders through academics, community service and athletics. We are a comprehensive youth program that offers assistance to our participants at each stage of their journey.


In addition, we assist student-athletes to achieve their goal of obtaining a postsecondary athletic scholarship. We emphasize the importance of personal goal setting, accountability, discipline, mental toughness, teamwork, citizenship, hard work, smart work, focus and self-confidence in realizing success and reaching new heights.

Our mission to prepare youth to be citizen-leaders is accomplished through our commitment to providing access into our growing network and providing opportunities resulting in whole person development. Utilizing the practices of academic prep, mentoring, counseling, community involvement, health and leadership training are the principles by which we are governed.

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